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16 June 1977
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Alright. For some reason, you're reading my User_Info. If, for some reason, you're wanting to friend me, here's some things:

I only add back if I know who the heck you are. I don't care if I know you really well, I just have to have some clue who you are, so I have a reference. I don't like random strangers reading my friends_only posts. If you still comment and stuff, in the LJ, it'll be a while before I figure out if I wanna add you to the brood.

I am an insanely random person in my journal. I often make posts that make no sense but to people who have a clue. Which more often than not is just me. I also do have a mood disorder, and am prone to "I'm down" posts. I tend to keep these friends only, and any real grumbling about it tends to go into Private for the sake for not bothering those that read my journal. But I do not hide my condition. It's a part of me, deal with it. If not, don't add me.

I am a mother. My son is 7 years old. I am a Stay at home mother. If, for some reason, these two things make your brain hurt, don't add me. I talk about my son, a lot.

I am a big fan of Anime, and other such things. And I do that crazy thing called Roleplaying. If you don't like me talking about that stuff (which is hardly EVER friended), don't add me.

I do not censor my journal in so far as language. there will be non-friends only posts where I'm swearing like a sailor. If you're afraid your eyes would burn out of their sockets because of this, don't add me.

If none of the above matters, well, then, Welcome aboard! Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. <3

Also fanficrants, and hated_character are fun ones to stop by in!

Have fun!

Ino is love.

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