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Not that I'm actually on an RP server for very long, lol, but Jae's got an IC twitter now. In the mood? follow SongofFlame. Expect snarks, gripes, bitches, and gripes about dumb lizards and bears trying to eat her face.
Still have one more space in our hotel for Otakon.

Any takers?
Listening to Gaga's latest album.

And... Aidan's dancing to it next to me.

So sick of people commenting about Betsy being a "Real" telepath again.

She wasn't a FAKE one, people. She either was a telepath or she wasn't. There's nothing 'real' about it. You're using that adjective wrong. And why are you people only commenting about it in regards to X-Force; she had her telepathy restored during the Sisterhood arc when she returned to the Main Universe. I don't follow the freaking books much anymore and even I was aware of THAT much!

In semi-related news; I've been thinking about using said ARc for more icons for RP. But I can't quite bring myself to Land-ify my journal :(
I want Kurt/Betsy arts.

Also, Happy Birthday redtangents!
Feeling generall down, unwanted and not fitting in anywhere lately.

May. 12th, 2011

Otakon Roomming.

I have ONE SPACE left in my hotel room should anyone wish to need some Hotel Space for Otakon. It's a Four Day Reservation (Check in Thursday, Check out Monday), and I'm asking 150 for the share.

The Room is at the Tremont Plaza, which is a small distance away from the Convention Center. However, with the implementation of the Charm City Circuit, the bulk of the walk can be taken care of via the Circuit, the Stop of which is right outside of the Hotel (to go to the Center) and the stop coming back is behind the Hotel.

Let me know! I'd really like to get this last spot filled. :)

For the CURRENT ROOMMATES: It would be Ideal for the shares to get to me by Mid-July, so that they can actually get put on the Card I'm hoping to put the HOtel on and have it count. Let me know. :)

May. 3rd, 2011


"A few lovers" does not a slut make!

I am so sick of that thinking popping up in fandom.
Sometimes when I stumble across views of my friends that I tend to disagree with, I feel like I'm a horrible person/friend for the fact I don't agree with it.

I'm in a bit of a spot and need some cash like whoa. So, I'm again advertising that I am Available For Commissions! My prices are on the average, 50 dollars. Help a gal at, if you will? Thanks! Feel free to drop a comment, NOte me on Deviantart, or email me at nightambre at gmail.

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