Ivanova - reach your shore

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So... strangely enough it doesn't seem that Turkey pings on anyone's radar...

Thoughts go out to those in Ercis, Turkey. The city was the site of a 7.2 earthquake yesterday.

Marvel Universe 2011

Okie guys; have fun. The project I was working on all summer. Sketch cards for the upcoming Marvel Universe Card set.

Marvel Universe 2011:

I also will have Artist's Proofs available for commission for ~$100. Let me know! Set is available on the 26th.
Roland - Indra! Indra! Indra!

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Dear Jerkface,

I don't care about you and how you "train" your dogs. You brag about how your dog's awesome, and that he'll grow and bite anything that isn't "family". Congratulations, you'e the reason why certain breeds are banned! Training a dog to /bite/ people is going to bite (haha) you in the ass. Probably literally. And you say you hve children? and worse yet, when you've managed to completely silence guild chat with your talk of "training", you dont' get the hint that we don't want to hear it. Even when people've gone "You've talked about this already. Like, all day yesterday." you don't get it, and keep. Talking. About. It. I can only imagine what your 'training' entails. I just wish you'd STFU. Too bad I'm so adverse to fighting in Gchat; I would've told you STFU by now.

No love,
Jayne - lolz hat

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Wow, I don't update LJ much anymore these days, do I? LOL I think the last time I posted was during the Otakon Prep headache, haha.


Happy Birthday to my baby boy. Aidan turns three today. Wow!
Bolvar - What dragon?

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Have a Generic sketch of a couple (kind of portrraitesque), but dunno who to do it of. I was jokingly commenting on FB about making it of Sirius and Tonks to see if I can make fannits at Otakon's heads explode, but I'm seriously stumped regardless.